Our Services

Trusted guidance, smart advice, decades of experience. Idaho Financial Group provides a wide range of services to help meet your financial goals and dreams.

Our initial consultation will provide us with the details and information we need in order to suggest which services and steps are best for you. We offer only gold standard investment service and look forward to learning more about your situation and helping you plan for a successful future!

Plan Design Services
Consulting services to aid in defining features for a plan.

  • Plan design consulting – Working with plan sponsors on various aspects of plan design, including elective and matching contributions, vesting, Qualified Default Investment Options, and voluntary and automated enrollment processes.

  • Plan provider consulting – Evaluating bundled or unbundled retirement plan service providers, including record-keepers, third party administrators, trustees, custodians, investment companies and legal and accounting professionals.

Investment Services
Investment advisory consulting services to aid in establishing and documenting processes for establishing a plan’s asset allocation and evaluating, selecting, monitoring and replacing investment options.

  • Investment policy statement development and refinement – Creating or modifying a formal investment policy statement that defines specific processes to be used for evaluating, selecting, monitoring, reviewing and changing a plan’s asset allocation and investment options.

  • Asset allocation – Analyzing employee demographics and the current plan lineup to recommend an appropriate mix of asset classes and investment styles that can address needs of participants with varied investment goals, life-stage challenges and investment knowledge.

  • Manager evaluation and selection – Using objective and prudent processes for researching, evaluating and recommending a diversified, cost-efficient lineup of active and/or passive investment options for the plan.

  • Performance monitoring and reporting – Evaluating and reporting performance and risk characteristics of the plan’s investment options and recommending changes where appropriate.

  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative Evaluation and Recommendation – Researching, evaluating and recommending QDIA options and suitability requirements for participants who do not make investment elections or re-enrolled automatically.

  • Investment reviews – Conducting and presenting quarterly and/or annual reviews of the plan’s investments to evaluate performance, risk characteristics and expenses, and recommend changes where appropriate.

  • Managed portfolios – Creating and providing discretionary management of diversified portfolios of investments for participants using off-the-shelf or customized asset allocation models.

  • Concentrated stock management – Helping participants with overexposure to company stock prudently reduce these holdings over time to reduce volatility and business risk.

  • Retirement income planning – Working with pre-retirees or those approaching age 70 ½ to evaluate their retirement income needs and implement strategies for managing, spending and investing voluntary or mandatory distributions from their retirement accounts.

  • Participant advisory services – Working directly with participants to help them evaluate their retirement savings goals and implement appropriate contribution and investment decisions.

Employee Education Services
Online and print resources and one-on-one consulting services to encourage enrollment and help participants choose appropriate deferral rates and investment elections.

  • Employee enrollment – Leading or co-presenting enrollment meetings and/or providing online or printed educational materials to encourage participation and help employees choose appropriate deferral rates and investment elections.

  • Investor education – Providing a broad range of targeted online or printed investment education materials that address the varied needs of investors with different financial goals, life-stage issues, and levels of investment knowledge.

  • Investment advice – Providing participants with access to online or offline retirement planning tools to help them make appropriate contribution and investment election decisions.

  • ERISA 404(c) education – Providing participants with detailed and timely information on the plan’s investment options to ensure compliance with ERISA 404(c) regulations, if appropriate.

Fiduciary Services

Consulting services to assess a plan’s compliance with ERISA fiduciary requirements or assist plan sponsors in fulfilling these responsibilities.

  • Fiduciary audits – Conducting a detailed review of the plan to assess its current compliance with ERISA’s fiduciary requirements and identify areas requiring remediation.

  • Plan benchmarking – Comparing a plan’s services, investments, features and fees versus those of comparable plans in similar-sized organizations.

  • Fee reporting and analysis – Providing detailed listings and explanations of all fees paid by the plan and participants to all service providers, advisors and investment companies, and identifying appropriate opportunities for cost-savings.

  • ERISA 404(c) compliance review – Evaluating the plan’s compliance with ERISA 404(c) standards of appropriate investment diversification and investment information that enable the plan to transfer liability and responsibility of investment decisions to participants.